Saturday, May 30, 2009

Moving Again

I'm moving in with Lynne and Kemp at the end of June. I'll handle most of the moving myself over the next few weekends. Here's the planned schedule:

June 6th/7th: Move all comics boxes, toys, old stereo, non-essential electronics, and CDs. (Won't be going to MoCCA this year.)

June 13th/14th: Move all books, artwork & supplies, most DVDs, and everything else from under the bed.

June 20th/21st: Move kitchen stuff, home theater stuff (not the tv, though!), lamps, smaller furniture.

June 27th/28th: Everything else. Pro movers will handle the bed, bookcases, TV, A/C, dresser, etc. I'll take care of the computer the night before.

If you want to help out (keep me company while I walk the 18 blocks back & forth with a huge hand truck, making sure stuff doesn't spill off, fending off zombie pirate ninja gorilla attacks, etc), you'll be greatly appreciated. I'll need the most help unpacking on the 28th, though. For anyone who wants to sort through all my crap, it would be a field day.