Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Pfft, dumbass!

When you sign up for a debt management program, it's a good idea to deactivate your other automatic payments. No wonder I've been so broke lately. Things should stabilize by July.

Wednesday, May 21, 2008


It's something I rarely talk about. Most of you know that I'm a dirty godless bleeding-heart tree-hugging hippie anarchic socialist Nader-loving freak.

It's pretty obvious that this country has swung so far to the right that it's wrong. There are a few conservative ideals that I like (don't try to guess which ones, but the Bull Moose Republicans are an incredibly respectable bunch). The current administration (and its supporters) doesn't embody any of them.

While I'd like to wake up to an America that has had the pendulum swung the other way (though not quite as far), pushing it toward the center would be a good start.

That leaves us with the Democratic party. That chill down all of our spines was the recognition of the sad state of affairs where the Democratic party is the Center.

If you were to look at Republican President Nixon's policies, you'd find that they are generally further to the left than the Democrats of today.

That's how far right we've gone, folks. Nixon, the guy who inspired the Governator to be a Republican, would be cast from the party faster than Mentos makes Coke explode.

Let's take a brief gander at the last 27+ years of the Executive Branch:

1981-1989: Reagan-Bush
1989-1993 :Bush-Quayle
1993-2000: Clinton-Gore
2000-2009: Bush-Cheney

Notice anything?

Yeah, there's a fucking dynasty, with the exception of Clinton-Gore. Dynasties are just one of the reasons the US was created to be a democratic republic: the FF* sought to escape them, not enable them. With Senator Clinton running for President, it's a possibility another will be created.

So I'm a bit uneasy with her candidacy, as well as her policies, voting record, history, and lying.

Meanwhile, there's this other guy who seems to be kicking lots of ass and taking names. Aside from a few irreconcilable differences...I like him. He's not a hypocrite. He listens. He thinks. He talks to us like adults. He calls people on their shit. The more I read about the man, the more I want him to be the next president.

So that's where I stand this time around. I hope eight years of him gets us back on the proper track.

* - Founding Fathers, not Fantastic Four.**

** - Unfortunately. Imagine the US set up by Reed Richards! We'd have flying cars, dammit!

Monday, May 19, 2008

Poor timing?

My supervisor (the production manager) put in his two week notice today. I am definitely not getting or seeking a promotion. My job is secure.

I am worried about how things are going to be during the months we don't have a production manager. They're telling me that it won't all fall on my shoulders, but pessimism is pervasive.

Meanwhile, I have an idea for an illustration in the book regarding the Ten Months chapter. I have to shoot photo reference this weekend.

Thursday, May 15, 2008

Further Bulletins as Events Warrant.

Nothing much going on. Or at least, nothing I can actually talk about. But in general (copying & pasting from an email I sent ALEEEEEEEEEEX last week):

Lately I'm just tired & lonely. Hence, my Economic Stimulus Payment will be spent on - you guessed it - hookers & blow.

Well, not really.

Work is generally good. I'm feeling somewhat more comfortable there. The big boss is an absolute troll, though. Okay, more orc than troll; short, thin, ugly.

I need to get my own apartment and a dog. I also need a 50% raise to make that happen.

My doctor is finishing up his residency at Bellevue, so I'll have another doc by July.

Probably go see Iron Man on the 18th. Totally in love with the trailer for Dark Knight. Hulk 2 looks really good, as does Indiana Jones.

Need to reformat my computer soon. Slowly backing stuff up.

I love this weather. So many bouncing bosoms.

Thinking about drawing. Not actually doing any; just thinking about lines, shapes, and shadows.

Sunday, May 04, 2008

I take it back...

The friendship I thought had ended was quickly reconciled. We hung out last night and had a good time.

I love that silly obsessive chocolate girl.