Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Dates 4 & 5

On Sunday, the TBVPP and I agreed to see Pirates of the Caribbean 3 at Union Square. I was outside looking towards the park, figuring that's where she'd approach from. But instead, she sneaked up behind me, and put her hands over my eyes.

That's not really a good idea. If she hadn't immediately said, "guess who?", that would have ended very badly. I turned around, kissed her and said, "uh...don't do that again."

She was a little late, so we ran up to the theater and got second-row seats (which wasn't as bad as the time Bowie & I got front row seats for LOTR 1). She gave me a quick recap of the first two movies, which I haven't seen.

I, ah...don't give a fuck about pirates.

The movie was fun, and longer than it felt. I almost feel inclined to check out the others now.

It was 10, and we were hungry. Zen Palate had stopped seating customers, so as it began to lightly rain, we speed walked to Vegetarian Paradise 2 on W 4th Street. On the way, we commiserated about work, and I swore a lot. I apologized for it at one point, and she told me to not worry about it.

I said, "you're right; we made cum jokes at dinner on our first date. I should loosen up a little."

She laughed.

It turns out that she went to the same college as The Very Nice Girl, also a vegetarian. I asked, "hey, do you know TVNG?"

"The name sounds she really tall?"

"Ha! Yes, that's her. I met her through my Internerd friends."

We got to the restaurant ten minutes before they stopped seating, and ordered the same thing out of expediency. We talked a bit more about school, work, roommates, and neighbors.

She had a busy weekend at that point; a bunch of friends were in town from Friday night, and had left a couple of hours before we met up. And the place was about to close down, so I walked her to her train. On the way, we made plans to meet up again the next day (Monday, Memorial Day).

You're free to guess what we did before parting. I realized, "well, all my parts are working..." We held hands and caught our breaths. I said, "we need to do that before the end of the date," and she laughed at that, too.

I walked to my train with a big grin on my face.

I spend most of Monday being lazy. Internerd discourse with bits of kitchen cleaning sprinkled in for good measure. I called her around 3 PM to see what she was up to. I suggested a stroll through Central Park, but she had a better idea.

"I was thinking of cooking up some vegetarian lasagna. Would you like to come over & help me make it?"

This was a no-brainer.

She had a few more errands to run, and would give me a call when I should head over. There's a bus that runs from LaGuardia Airport to her neighborhood (Harlem), and it makes a stop not too far from my house.

In the mean time, I was blowing up demons in Doom 3. I got the call, and headed out a little after 6. I got there at 7, and she met me outside.

Kissing greetings are awesome.

We got inside, looked at the recipe, and got to work. Even though she was chopping the onions, I was terribly affected by it. My eyes were stinging, but not watering. I tried flushing them out, but I just had to work through it. We got all the mixing & boiling done, put it all together & popped it into the oven. Her only "reality TV" addiction is VH1's Flavor of Love, starring the one & only Flava Flav of Public Enemy. She sat down, and I did a little cleaning up in the kitchen. When I finished up, we watched the marathon with astonishment as otherwise gorgeous women fought over the over sized-clock wearing freak. At this point, I remembered that I packed the Bitter Films DVD (animation by Don Hertzfeldt, like the Rejected Cartoons).

The show wrapped up just as the lasagna finished baking. We sat down to eat and watched some seriously fucked up cartoons. We finished up, and she had to go to bed soon (she works "normal" hours). I took care of the rest of the dishes, and she walked me to the bus stop. I held her very close as we kissed. We slowly parted, her hands going from my neck down to my stomach. I held one of them in mine and pulled her close again, but just for a hug this time.

It felt so damn good.

She left, and a bus quickly arrived. I got home at midnight.

Today (Tuesday) I got a response from the Jazz-Loving Sculptor, saying "so I am horrible at email...significantly better on the is my number. ***-***-****. We can chat and go from there."

I wrote back saying that since I work nights, I'll call on the weekend, if that's alright with her.

Right back to being a slut.

Sort of.

Friday, May 25, 2007

Well, I knew this was coming.

From the Super-Adorable Librarian-in-Training:


Thanks for asking about [high-maintenance friend]. I had fun hanging out with you on Sunday, but I don't think I can see you again. I'm sort of in a mixed up place.

I'm sorry.

I had to respond:

You're really delightful and I've never met anyone like you. Thank you for all the wonderful messages, and for seeing me. Good luck with everything, and feel free to drop me a line any time. I hope you find peace with whatever you're going through.


It's really sad to go from constant emails to a total disconnect. I'm glad I didn't get my hopes up to high as I have in the past, but damn, that could have been something lovely.

So I'm technically no longer a slut, but still open. We'll see.

Wednesday, May 23, 2007


I'm holding Milo Medieros, whose adventures can be found here. The picture was taken on Sunday, shortly before Lyman's show.

Monday, May 21, 2007

A full week/end.

The head finisher here at work pulled his shoulder out of the socket Tuesday night, so we were back down to -2 Staff.

Right when we get a massive 30-banner job in. Fun.

Thursday, I stayed until 4:30 AM to finish trimming it all out. I wanted to leave early on Friday to take my friend Mike out, as he'd been feeling blue. We went out for pool & pizza. Neither of us are spectacular players, so the games were evenly matched. We parted around 12:30, and I got home around 2 AM.

Got up early on Saturday to get my chores done. Groceries, laundry, & random cleaning. Called up the tomboyish pool-playing veggie (TBPPV) and picked a restaraunt to eat at. We met at 7 PM at the Red Bamboo, a veggie Creole/Thai fusion place in the Village, a block away from the Blue Note jazz club (which will be mentioned again later on).

We were both overwhelmed by the choices. Being able to eat anything & everything on the menu is a rare thing. We started off with a fish stick appetizer. Neither of us had had them since we were kids (she turned veggie at 14). I went with the mango "chicken," and she had some variation of a burger & fries. We were tempted by the dessert menu, but were way too stuffed.

We walked uptown to the same place we've played pool, the same place I took Mike the night before, which I told her about. "So you practiced!" she said. She soundly whupped my ass as expected, but there was one game where I actually got far enough to call the pocket for the 8 ball. During a game, my buddy Lyman called up to see what time I'd be able to see him play at the Blue Note on Sunday, and if my other date would join me. We scheduled for the 8 PM show, and said we'd talk again the next day.

We called it quits around 11, and went in search for a decent, uncrowded bar. We must have walked for an hour or so before settling into this nice fighter-plane themed bar/restaraunt on 8th Ave. The bathrooms had speakers on which messages such as "In case of emergency, place your head between your knees to kiss your ass goodbye" were played.

I cracked up at that one.

We sat for a while & talked, ordered cheesey curly fries (which totally hit the spot), and doodled on the paper that covered the table. I got out my drafting pencil and got a little absorbed by the work. She just used the supplied crayons and made a Super-Mario world with a sun puking up a rainbow. It was great.

It was nearly 1 AM, so we walked up to 23rd street to get our respective trains. We got to 23rd & 8th, and hugged. I leaned in to kiss her cheek, but she wasn't having any of that.

We stood there & kissed for a few minutes like teenagers, oblivious to people asking for directions. I heard someone say, "excuse me, can you tell me which train...oh." I took a breath and smiled at her, saying, "...that was nice."

And then I kissed her some more.

Being kissed by someone who wants you is an absolutely wonderful thing.

I watched her descend the stairs and then took off towards 5th Ave to get the N. I had the stupidest grin on my face. I got home at 2:30. I could still feel her lips on mine.

I got online and sent a message to the super-adorable librarian-in-training (SALIT) about my jazz-musician friend who was also in town, and got us on the guest list for his show, and that I'd call her in the morning. I then crashed into bed.

I woke up Sunday around 10:30 and started to get my shit together for the day. I rang her up at 11, and we had some silly conversation. We agreed to meet up for the 2 PM showing of Hot Fuzz - which you all should see. "It's for the greater good." I hung up, and then continued getting my shit together, which was a little more difficult, as I was still kinda tired from the previous night. I then had enough forethought to send a message out to the TBPPV saying how nice last night was, and that we must do that again sometime soon.

I got there 15 minutes before it started. She was waiting outside, reading Eats, Chutes, and Leaves, listening to her iPod, wearing a denim jacket, a pink sweater, and a long black skirt.

I have a thing for long skirts. And bespectacled brunettes. Oh, she's so damn cute.

She greeted me with a hug, and I apologized for being late. She mentioned that she'd called me to say that she was running late, too. The messages hadn't registered on my phone because I was underground.

We waited in line for tickets, which I had hoped she'd pay for, as I bought the tickets last time around, but she had to get her tooth operated on the previous weekend. When she apologized, she said she'd pay me back. I was already $25 in the hole, and being a slut is expensive. But I didn't mention it, noticing that she didn't even reach for her wallet. We made our way up to the theater, talking about how she's studying to play an RPG with her friends, and then her cell phone went off. Her very close friend was calling, but then she turned the phone off. We sat down just as the lame commercials ended & the trailers started. We talked a bit more and laughed, but she seemed a little uncomfortable.

We enjoyed the hell out of the movie. There were a few gross-out parts, and she cringed & covered her face.

Hot Fuzz finished up, and we beat the lines in the bathrooms. Going down the escalators, we checked our voice mails. I listened to her rambling message about how she was running late and laughed out loud at it. Union Square Park had a few artist booths that demanded exploration, so we did just that. After 40 minutes or so of this, her friend had called again. She called during the movie as well, which made her think that something was up. She called back, while I called Lyman to see what his plans were, as I wanted to see him & his family.

She looked at me apologetically and I told Lyman something had come up, and that I'd call him back.

Her friend is rather (emotionally) fragile, and had made a few mistakes in life, and shouldn't be left alone when feeling very depressed. She told me that she had to go take care of her so she didn't do something stupid. I nodded with understanding. We hugged, and she said "thank you. I'll call you for the show tonight."

I knew she wasn't coming back, and kinda felt like shit.

I walked down towards the Blue Note, and noticed that the sky was about to open up. I quickly bought an umbrella, as I'd left mine in the bar last night. This was just in time. While I was waiting in line, it began raining.

I found a nice pizza place near NYU and chilled for a while. The rain let up and I sat in Washington Square Park, and watched doggies stroll by.

Lyman called up and said that he'd be leaving the restaraunt shortly. He, Carrie & Milo were being treated to dinner by an old friend who was in the Blues Brothers movie (I've forgotten in what capacity, though). That's when I got the text message from the SALIT saying that her friend was is really bad shape and that she wouldn't be able to join me for Lyman's show. I told her that it was okay, that we'd get together again soon, thinking it probably wouldn't happen.

I stood on the corner and kept an eye out for the Medieros Trio. I finally had the honor of meeting the lovely Carrie & Milo. We went up to their hotel room and talked for a bit. As is customary, we talked trash about any and all CBRians not present. I got to hold Milo for a bit. I'll post the pic when I get it.

Lyman soon had to go over & prepare for the show, so we left Carrie (SuperMom) to her packing.

I got my seat in the club (woo-hoo, not having to pay $45 just to sit down rocks!) and looked at the menu. Lyman joined me at the table and we talked a bit more before the show. Then The Man came out & started mingling with the audience. Everyone else got on stage and opened with a nice instrumental tune. The vocallist got up, and belted out a few standards, told some stories, and basically hammed it up. Not my favorite thing, but he's good at what he does. Having Lyman contribute a few vocals on one song was nice, though. I love watching him play. I can tell that he's not quite as into it as he is when playing regular, hard-bop jazz. But hey, whatever "brings home the bacon."

After the show, I went up to the dressing room, showed Lyman what I've worked on for my book so far. Two of his band mates came in and ate dinner. I was introduced, and we talked for a few minutes. The keyboardist was Lyman's roommate the last time they were out, and L thought we had met before. I said, "no, I think he was asleep at the time."

"I do sleep a lot..."

Lyman said," You were passed out from that coked-up hooker."

"Maybe I was just looking for something to do," and he continued eating.

I said, "And a coked-up hooker isn't something to do?"

Dude cracked up, nearly choking on his food. He turned around and said, "okay, that was funny."

I walked Lyman to his hotel so he could get a few more minutes with his wife & son. A strong hug goodbye, and I was off. I walked up to Union Square, stopped into Virgin Records to use the bathroom, and got home at 11. I got online, visited CBR for a few minutes, shot off some emails, and crashed at midnight. I took a melatonin pill, as I was so tired that my eyes hurt. I woke up an hour late (11 AM) today, so I was that late for work as well.

And that's where I am, just about to depart.

I have not heard anything from the sculptor/jazz lover since I gave her my phone number early last week. Maybe she's too busy, maybe she's found someone. Either way, good luck to her.

Tuesday, May 15, 2007

So, um...yeah.

Aside from the pool-playing veggie, I'm courting two other women two other women are courting me.

All of them have approached me. I'm being rather passive in my search for companionship.

It's odd; a month ago, I was lamenting how I didn't feel wanted.

The first is a jazz-loving sculptor/3D-Installation artist, a pop-culture junkie, and a fan of burlesque dancing. Email contact has waxed, waned, and recently waxed again. I'm looking forward to meeting her, if anything just to have another jazz friend.

The second is an unbelievably adorable librarian-in-training (and former teacher) with a sense of humor as bizarre and silly as mine. We've been emailing every single day since last Sunday, having up to four different conversations at the same time.

While I was at Lynne's on Saturday, she called up so we could arrange a meeting on Sunday. She had to cancel, unfortunately, as she hasn't been feeling well due to an infected tooth. She's getting that taken care of this week.

I have to be very careful with this one, as I can see myself falling hard for her.

Like Lena said, I'm such a slut.

Sunday, May 13, 2007

Date #2

I met up with the cool, pool-playing veggie Friday night after work (about 9 PM). We got a table at Soho Billiards and played for a couple of hours. We were both having an off-night, still in work mode. She did not kick my ass as quickly as she previously had.

Note: Soho Billiards is re-donk-ulously expensive. Never again.

We walked around for a while in search of decent food. I wasn't hungry, but she was. Once slice of pizza later, and we were wandering through Soho & Little Italy, talking about anything that came to mind.

At 1 AM, we came across this couple arguing in a parking lot. The guy had apparently thrown the woman's cell phone ("brand new, $300") and wallet into a puddle or gutter, and she was less than pleased. She was yelling at him, cursing, shoving him. Somehow, he procured a hammer.

I thought, "oh hell no." I took a few steps closer (they were across the street) to get a better look, put down my bag, and dialed 911.

As I was talking to the operator, an NYPD tow truck stopped in front of me. The officer inside asked me if I was calling it in as she started doing the same. She honked her horn, got out of the truck and got a sense of what was going on. She couldn't do anything without getting hurt, and drove away. Moments later, three squad cars pulled up. One of the six officers drew his gun.

They cuffed the woman, as she was now holding a brick and threatening her most likely ex-friend with it. The couple was separated and calmed. Four of the officers left to respond to another situation elsewhere. Shortly thereafter, we left the scene.

After a bit more walking, we separated, with another strong hug. My internal monologue said "Jeff, this is supposed to be where you kiss her."

Maybe it was exhaustion, maybe I'm just not into her that way. So I didn't listen to my internal monologue.

I walked over to my office to relieve myself, and then back over to the train station. I got home at 3 AM.

Sunday, May 06, 2007

A Good Day.

As noted, yesterday was Free Comic Book Day. I got up early, got my hair cut, and met up with Lynne at about 12:30. The trip to Rocketship was full of silly and inappropriate conversation. We got to Brooklyn, and to sate Lynne's hunger, we stopped at the Flying Saucer Cafe on Atlantic Avenue somewhere around Hoyt or Nevins Street. Grilled cheese sandwiches with a small side salad were devoured, followed by a chocolate-drizzled brownie & a scoop of soft ice cream.

While walking down Smith Street, there was a woman on a picnic table bench with her two dogs. At first, I just noticed the doggies, and commented on them. Lynne said, "You really do have a doggie addiction."

"Well, it was a damn good excuse to check out her legs."

"You're a dirty, dirty old man."

"Hey, I'm deprived...and depraved."

Me am funny.

After a bit more walking, we made it to the greatest comic shop in the world. The freebies I picked up were Unseen Peanuts (previously un-reprinted strips), and Amelia Rules!: Hangin' Out. I happily paid for the seventh volume of the Complete Peanuts, vol 2 of the Complete Dennis the Menace, American Born Chinese, Supermarket, Batman: Detective (tpb of the first chunk of Paul Dini's run), and issue 3 of Jeff Smiths' SHAZAM! Castle Waiting #6 was sold out very quickly, so I missed it (still need #2 & 3 as well). Lots of fine reading ahead of me.

On the way back to the train, we stopped at Starbucks for a quick drink & bathroom break.
We boarded the train again, and listened to whatever was on my mp3 player; mostly classical music. She got off at her stop, and wished me luck for my date that evening.

I met my new friend a little after 6 at the Angelica Kitchen for some good vegetarian food (she's one, too). Good discussion, a bit of laughter here & there. I never felt nervous. Dessert came around, and she commented that my dish (apple raspberry crisp) looked like it was "made with love."

"Hmm, better send it back."

This got us both giggling. Then she won the prize with:

"Too much love to swallow."

I couldn't eat without fear of choking while laughing for a few minutes. It was great.

Afterwards, we walked up to Broadway Billiards and played pool for three hours. She plays in a league with her friends. I haven't played sine the first week of my senior year of college, and not for years before that. She kicked my ass soundly, of course, but I did way better than she (and I) expected. It was pretty fun. Since I'll be working "normal people hours" this week, we may meet up some evening for more.

After that, we wandered around looking for a comfortable bar to hang out in that wasn't packed, obnoxiously loud, or had red lighting in it. Wandered down to Houston Street, and settled in a bar that I'd been to once for a former co-worker's birthday party. They had red lights, but there wasn't a huge crowd, and had comfy seating. The drinks were ridiculously expensive (her beer was $5.50), so we didn't stay very long. We walked over to Ray's Pizza, had some mediocre pizza, and called it a night. I walked her to her subway stop, got a strong hug, and parted at midnight.

I got home a little after 1 AM, and sent her a message saying "Call me anytime." Her response was encouraging.

I got a nice message from someone else, too.