Tuesday, February 21, 2006

The Beckys

Ninth grade was a miserable time to exist.

To start off, I really hated gym class. The entire high school was mixed up and divided for the class throughout the day, so I had to deal with more annoying seniors than usual. I was a little shorter, a lot fatter, and had absolutely no enthusiasm for where I was. A few weeks into the semester, these two senior girls, Becky & Rebecca, began to…interact (for lack of a better word) with me in the class. They were friendly to me. For forty minutes, two or three times a week, the Beckys pretended to be my friends, and for quite some time, I believed them. Once, I was out of school for a week with the flu. When I returned, they had made a little "get well soon" card for me. The way they talked to me, their voices sounded a little condescending, but I appreciated the sentiment. A month later, as we were leaving the class, I overheard them talking. “Score another point for the ego-boosters!” They weren’t interested in me. I was just an experiment, a lab rat to them.

Thanks for making a guy feel wanted!

I saw Becky once, just after she had graduated. She didn't recognize me, and I didn't say anything. I didn't see the point.

Saturday, February 11, 2006


Today I unofficially joined the local gym. I've ordered some decent, non-leather sneakers, and should have them by Tuesday. Then I can start. They have a kick-ass promotion going on, which means I'm going to save a bit of money. Right now, I'm reviewing all of the classes they have to offer. Say it with me: beefcake. BEEFCAAAAAAAKE!

Last weekend I went out and spent a giant wad of cash on clothes.

Clothes that...aren't black.

*dun dun dunnnnnnnnn*

Satan's Lawyer

Remember, ladies: red shirts are always the first to go down.

Yep, I just combined a Star Trek cliche with cunnilingual innuendo. Such is the power of my geekitude.

Friday, February 03, 2006

"Oh great, I'm awake!"

"What next, the sun and the rest of the day?"

- commedian Dana Gould.

Lynne and I were IMing the other day about job woes and a recent interview. She mentioned Bowie's happiness with his new job, that he 'looked forward to getting up in the morning.'

I wonder what that's like. For me, I've always looked forward to going to bed. Sleep has always been my sanctuary; too bad I have to be unconscious to attain it.