Thursday, April 28, 2011

Got Blackness?

I got hooked on to the works of one comedian and activist Elon James White through Jillian. My exposure first started with a video series entitled This Week in Blackness. While the title is somewhat misleading (not exactly weekly, nor has it been updated in a while), it has been entertaining and thought-provoking.

Outside of TWiB, EJW hosts an audio podcast (available through iTunes) called Blacking it Up, which broadcasts live through Ustream Monday through Friday. Joining Mr White is critically acclaimed, internationally renowned poet Ms Bassey Ikpi, and America's Premiere straight man*, Mr Aaron Rand Freeman. In this program, they talk about politics, current events, and whatever else is on their minds.

On Sundays, there are two live audio podcasts, also available through iTunes. One is called the JTMScast, covering all sorts of nerdery, hosted by Tatiana King. What does JTMS stand for? Any proper nerd would recognize the line "Jaga, take my strength! As lord of the Thundercats, I command you!"

They nerd hard. It's not a game!

The other Sunday podcast is called The White House. It is generally a blend of the other two shows, with a bigger focus of telling stories and of friends just hanging out and having fun, and anything goes.

I spend my working days listening to this stuff. It keeps me entertained and challenged. I love it. Please listen, and share it with friends.

* - in comedic terms, not sexual identity terms.