Wednesday, January 08, 2014

Missing book: Exterminators vol 5

After the big move, I was looking through our books and discovered that this one was missing.  I know I own it, but can't find it anywhere.  It's may have been loaned to someone, but can't remember.  If this jolts your memory in a "oh crap, I forgot about that, it's somewhere under my bed" kind of way, please let me know. 

I really need to set up a library card system.  My memory failure is ridiculous.


ida mae poopsnatch said...

Jeff--why haven't you added to your blog in a YEAR? Have you moved to CA yet? How did the new apartment work out? Is your child doing well?
Maybe that's it--the child is taking up your time. I hope so. I am very glad you are no longer sad, anxious & depressed, & I sincerely hope all remains well with you & your family. BTW, I stumbled onto your blog completely by accident. I was viewing an art instruction blog & simply hit the 'next blog' a few times. I'm oldish, female,an artist, a CPA before that, & a drug dealer before that, & a singer in between all of it. And I DO live in CA! Yippee. I hope you have a great life! L&K, MaryB

Jeff said...

Your screen name is awesome. Thanks for writing!

My son is almost three, and he takes up a good portion of my time.

We are still in NYC. I still spend three hours a day commuting to and from work. I haven't drawn much in about four years. Depression has resurfaced, affecting every aspect of my life in a negative way, but I'm getting help with that.

I hope you check out the other blog I (used to) post on, the Sequential Salon.

Take care.